My Bikini Butt Review

my-bikini-butt-reviewHello, if you are on this site you are probably interested in the My Bikini Butt Program and want to get some more information on what it really has to offer you.

To be honest I had no intentions of making this site at first. However, like it was for me initally, you have probably noticed that all other youtube and my bikini butt review sites on this program are completely useless spam and crap, offering no real information or value.

Therefore my aim for this site is to give you what I would have wanted initially; information on the program. Which is geared not to persuade you one way or another, but to tell you what this product is really about and let YOU ultimately decide what you want to do afterwards.

Okay so you were probably in my shoes at first and want to sculpt the said “bikini butt” that this program is all about. Which to us really translates to losing our belly fat, arm fat, love handles, cellulite, sculpting our buns and overall just becoming a lot more toned and fit… ahh the good life.

I want to keep this realtively short and sweet because of how much info Andrea’s page offers, so i will break it down into 6 parts.

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My Unbiased Review

About Andrea Albright:

andrea-albrightAndrea Albright is the creator behind the  system. She admittedly has never been a fit woman, always suffering from her bad genetics for storing fat; also known as the “obesity gene”. Tired with so called “fitness experts”, “fitness doctors”, crash, and yo-yo diets that never worked, she took it upon herself to lose weight her own way.

Taking her social life into account and after much trial and error she created a program consisting primarily of only 15 minutes of exercise per day. What happened next was absolutely phenomenal for her; in the months that followed she lost 10 sizes and went from a size 12 to a size 2. She has successfully maintained her now fit body for over 10 years, and has chosen to share the program with the world.

About the System

There is a lot of meat to this program but it is orbiting around 3 important “keys”. These 3 keys are what Andrea used to reshape her body and reprogram her fat storing genetics to work for her, and not against her.

Key 1:
Focus mostly on our lower body using key exercises, routines and techniques to burn the most calories possible. The idea here is that our lower body muscle groups consist of some of the biggest muscle groups in our whole body. They are also the muscles us women love to show off the most.

Since the lower body burns so many more calories than the typical upper body exercises; Andrea’s program is geared to burn fat at only 15 minutes of exercise per day; or even just 90 minutes per week.

Here Andrea walks you through her highly efficient fat burning exercises and techniques like the “Time Tension Principle”.

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Key 2:
Instead of cutting calories like a typical “diet” (shudder), the program teaches you how to stagger your calories. What basically happens is you end up eating the same amount of food/calories but you divide them into different parts throughout the day. This way your eating every 3 hours. The science behind this is that your metabolism is running twice as often and therefore burning calories twice as often as a person eating every 6 hours.

While this isn’t a new concept there is a skill to it and Andrea explains and shows you the most efficient way. By using the included “fat melting meal plans course” you will be well on your way to creating a fat burning environment.

Key 3:
“Seek advice from someone who has done it”.

While I touch briefly on this point in a later section, it reminds me of Jack Shephard’s tattoo from the hit series “LOST”. “He walks among us but he is not one of us”. While this is not really a “key” but more of a point, it is a good one at that.

The point is that Andrea has been where we are, or most likely worse. She naturally has an endomorphic body type, meaning she gains weight very easily simply from her genetics. Have you ever stopped to think how many of these said “fitness experts” who release programs and diets; if they were actually fit to begin with? I’m betting majority were relatively fit their entire lives. If not it was most likely a result of poor eating habits rather than their god given genetics.

In Andrea’s case it was the genetics part and she shows and teaches women in her program how she lost weight without diet pills, crash, fad, or yo-yo dieting.

What You Get:

  • Tone Your Tush My Bikini Butt Seriesmy-bikini-butt
  • 28 Day Bikini Butt Fast Track
  • Smooth Out Cellulite Program
  • Personal Couching Video
  • Blast the Fat Quick Start Guide
  • Brazilian Diet Secret Super Tip
  • Fat Melting Meal Plans
  • Total Bikini Body Mini Vacation
  • The Bikini Butt Success Journal
  • Unlimited Support 24/7 (this might not last as product is becoming very popular)

What Sold Me:

Andrea wants to make a buck like everyone else. However, there seemed to be some real sincerity and experience behind her voice as she told her story. I’ll admit that I have also fell victim to the so called experts of everything with experience of nothing. Or my various high metabolism-always skinny friends, who just dont understand what its actually like to not be blessed from birth. So getting a product from someone who has actually “been there” made it worth a shot for me.

Does It Work:my-bikini-butt-results

The short answer is…yes. I am successfuly losing weight on this program at a steady rate. Though ill admit I’m not losing as much as I would on a “crash type diet”, I am happy because I know the weight loss is permanent and wont rebound.


Would I recommend this program? Yes I would…as I am successfully losing weight it is accomplishing its purpose; helping women lose weight. Andrea Albright is a reputable person and if you can commit to about 15 minutes of exercise per day along with some easy but slight modifications to your current meals, you will be well your way to achieving your goals of a fitter you.

This is turning out to be a great New Year and hopefully I will have my desired “bikini butt” by this coming summer. If you are still reading this then I highly recommend you check out Andrea Albright’s My Bikini Butt System, as this is turning out to be one of the best investments I made. period. 🙂

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